Graduate And Post Graduate Courses

LMC Graduate And Post Graduate Courses

Coming Soon

Here at the London Metropolitan we’re excited for the opportunity to offer Graduate and Post Graduate courses in both Project Management and Project Controls. We’re already the go-to learning institution for Project specialist education, and as we grow we will be able to provide more possibilities for your future. Whether you are a prospective student looking to begin your career, or already a Project Specialist looking to establish yourself as an expert, it’s our goal to be the ones to get you where you need to be.As we expand, more detail about the courses we will soon be offering will be updated, but we’re already proud to announce the following courses which are under development.


  • Degree in Project Controls
  • Degree in Monitoring and Control
  • Degree in Project Management
  • MSc in Construction Project Management
  • MSc in Delivering Complex Megaprojects
  • MSc in Forensic Delay Claims Analysis


These courses are in development and will be available soon. If you’d like any more preliminary information about the courses listed above, head on over to the Contact Us page or email us at