We’re proud to bring together a unique community of entrepreneurial and enthusiastic students, employers and Project Management professionals. From Level 3 Project Technician all the way through to Level 6 Project Controls Professional, we offer our students a tailored learning experience providing the knowledge that enables students to perform their current job effectively and efficiently and pursue the best employment opportunities in a range of diverse industries.

Here’s what some of our current students and employers have to say about their London Metropolitan College experience.


“Our Project Controls apprenticeship scheme is very important to us , providing a supply of well-rounded project controls professional. No stone is left unturned in the effort to ensure every student has the best chance of success”.

Tim Harding – Employer, Transport for London

“Being put on furlough was challenging but going to college really did help because it gave me structure and interaction, everyone is very supportive — especially because you are an apprentice”.

Kyra Lynch – Apprentice, Transport for London

“At Mace, you’re always given the opportunity to learn and collaborate with experienced team members to overcome barriers and bring objectives to fruition”.

Alexander Morley – Apprentice, Mace

“TFL and LMC offer a high level of support, from line manager support all the way down to business as usual support in my placements, as well as academic and professional support”.

Tony Shanley- Apprentice, Transport for London

“They’ve been there to support me since I started. I really can’t knock them — they’re a great company and I love my apprenticeship scheme”

LMC students and employers


Tim Harding

Client – Transport for London

Kyra Lynch

Apprenticeship – Transport for London

Tony Shanley

Apprenticeship – Transport for London

Alexander Morley

Apprenticeship – Mace

LMC Client – Apprenticeship Montage